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Whole-House Audio

     As someone who spent over a decade hosting radio shows, Odyssey Electronics President Jim Dickhaus loves music and wants our customers to be able to enjoy their own music collections.  Whole-House Audio Systems let you take that music from your stereo, CD Changer, or Ipod and play it in your kitchen, bedroom, rec-room, deck, or just about anywhere else in your home.  With a variety of speaker options available from Proficient, Jamo, Boston Acoustics, Mordaunt-Short, and others, Odyssey can have your home singing a happy tune! 

     If you're building a new home, let us prewire now, even if you don't want to actually install speakers until another time.  If you have an existing home, we've got all kinds of tricks up our sleeves to hide those wires in your walls, ceilings, and basement. Speakers can be recessed in your walls or ceilings, or conveniently tucked away in the corner of a built-in.  Many Whole-House Systems can even be run from the stereo receiver you already own!  If you want something fancy, like a Russound Multi-Source/Multi-Zone system with individual room controllers, we can help you with that, too.  Our most important goal is to provide a system that's easy for you and your family to operate, so that you'll get the most enjoyment from it.

     Music is a wonderful thing. Please call us today for more information on a Whole-House Audio System from Odyssey Electronics!

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