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    Just a few years ago, Home Theaters were a luxury item that many people thought they couldn't afford.  For those that could, it wasn't unusual to spend 10,000 dollars or more to install projectors, movie screens, and in-wall speakers to create the ultimate home experience.  Now, as the prices of high definition projectors continue to drop, many families are realizing that they can enjoy that experience now!

     We love BenQ's W7000 3D Projector. With full 1080p capabilities, your favorite blue-ray movie will literally jump off the screen and into your lap!  We can promise that you've never seen The Buckeyes like you will in your new home theater.  With a stunning picture on a 120 inch RowOne Screen., you'll feel like you're standing on the sideline next to Urban Meyer!  After we add full surround sound with speakers from Proficient , Klipsch , Mordaunt-Short, Boston Acousticsor other leading maker, and components from Onkyo , Sony , or   Denon , you might never go out to the movies again!

     Odyssey Electronics is all about installing affordable systems that our customers want and will actually use.  We are always happy to make recommendations, but will never try to sell you something you don't want or don't need.  Maybe we're just too honest, but doing things the right way has made us many friends and led to plenty of referrals. We don't have a showroom, which helps us keep our costs down. Even if you're just thinking about that home theater right now, we're happy to take a look at your space and give you some ideas or answer your questions. Call us!

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